The Craft Distilling Expo London 2018


The Craft Distilling Expo, London 26th – 27th September 2018 Beacon Commodities have returned from a successful exhibition at the Craft Distilling Expo in London. Held in the Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane, the show attracted distillers from around the world. Michael gave a presentation on ‘Citrus Fruit’ to a lively audience and there was great interest shown in the Beacon Commodities stand across the two days. We put together a brief video on various botanicals for the [...]

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Botanical supplies and Brexit


Botanical supplies and Brexit Britain will leave the EU on 29th March 2019, which is only seven months away! Focusing on botanicals We have been asked how a possible ‘no deal’ will affect botanical supplies within the UK. With so much we cannot control and little information on what Brexit is going to look like we thought it was important to focus on the things we can control. Shipments and border crossings It is likely [...]

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UK Angelica


UK AngelicaFinally after a few heavy rainstorms our Angelica seems to be well underway.We planted this in the Fens back in May and got off to a slow start with a lack of rain. We had to irrigate it on three separate occasions but luckily the Beacon Commodities’ rain dances have been working well!Harvest will be in October 2019 so watch this space!

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Video of Angelica planting


Video of planting angelica in the UK Beacon Commodities have planted a trial site of angelica in the heart of the Fens in the UK. See the short video below. Click here to read the full article

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Planting angelica in the UK


Planting Angelica in the UK Beacon Commodities planted a trial site of angelica in the heart of the Fens near Huntingdon. We are excited to share with you our second UK based project. Once again, we are tackling the ‘indifferent’ UK weather and attempting to grow a key gin botanical in the UK. We have planted a trial site of angelica in the heart of the Fens near Huntingdon. Countryside that is well known for producing excellent agricultural crops. [...]

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Lemon processing in Egypt video


Lemon processing in Egypt Video We have put together a short video showing Michael hard at work peeling lemons in Egypt.

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Supplying the Japanese market


Japanese whisky distilleries A well-established whisky scene in Japan is leading to a number more gins being released onto the market. Many of these whisky distilleries are releasing gins for the export market – specifically the US. Gin is yet to be popularised in Japan and plays ‘second fiddle’ to the whisky trade but there are signs that gin maybe starting to make its move. At Beacon Commodities, we have supplied the Japanese market for decades and [...]

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Visiting Pyeonchang


Visiting Pyeonchang Tommy and Michael visited  Pyeonchang to follow James Whitley at the Winter Paralympics. Beacon Commodities ‘de-camped’ to Pyeonchang for a few days to follow James Whitley (Tommy’s cousin / Michael’s nephew) who was representing Team GB at the Winter Paralympics. Some truly awe-inspiring sights with our outlook on life being put into context. James Whitley is 20 years old and is a standing skier representing Team GB in all 5  skiing events. Tommy and Michael [...]

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Lemon harvest underway in Egypt


Lemon harvest underway in Egypt Michael visits our joint venture in Egypt that produces lemon and grapefruit ribbons. With the Lemon harvest underway in Egypt, Michael was sent to tackle the heat and dust to visit our joint venture where we are producing lemon and grapefruit peel ribbons. Lemon HarvestIt seems that we frequently report on crop problems, but this is the nature of farming which is being acerbated by climatic changes. Happily, the Egyptian lemon and grapefruit crops [...]

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Cape Town Gin and Tonic Festival


The Cape Town Gin and Tonic Festival Attended a great South African Festival dedicated to Gin and Tonic On Sunday 25th February, Tommy was yet again to be found escaping the terrible weather in the UK for the Cape Town Gin and Tonic Festival. Held at the Biscuit Mill in the Woodstock area of Cape Town the festival attracted around 3,000 people with a huge range of local and international gins on offer. A brilliant day and great insight [...]

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